About Us

My Dogs Food is family owned and operated!  Since 2003 we have been dedicated to providing pet owners with the finest products the pet industry has to offer.  Like you, we only want the best in the industry for our pets.

We specialize in natural canine supplements, brands that are difference makers and NOT the same as every other brand out there.  We want to help you provide the best solutions for your companion animals. Our supplements come from all over the world and fall into several categories. These are nutritional, herbal detoxifiers, enzymes, pro-biotic, natural flea control, concentrated super foods, that are used as additives, as well as tissue rebuilding combinations. All products are time tested.

We bringing you only the best, products you can count on.

And with our own special blend of essential oils, Omni Super Spray your family and dogs can enjoy the outdoors again without being attacked by mosquitoes, ticks, gnats… and a long time favorite Grrr-Lick treats, dogs love them.