The Beneficial Bacteria of the Intestinal Tract

Use Powdered Lactobacillus to replace friendly bacteria in a pet’s intestines when compromised by illness, stress or veterinary drugs like wormers, antibiotics and antifungals. Acidophilus creates an unfavorable environment for undesirable microbes like microcci, clostridia, coliforms, fungi, and several known pathogens. Acidophilus also secretes weak antibiotic substances called colicines. Acidophilus helps prevent the usual aftereffects of oral antibiotics, which kill all bacilli present in the intestinal tract, leaving only yeasts and fungi which take over causing diarrhea, flatulence and constipation. Fungus can also grow in the lungs, vagina, mouth (thrush), and on the hands and feet.

Acidophilus can help eliminate bad breath caused by intestinal putrefaction. No strain of acidophilus has ever been found to have any harmful effects on pets or humans whatsoever. Nutritionally, lactobacilli have been associated with the synthesis of B vitamins in the body; aiding in the digestibility of milk proteins and amino acids, fat and lactose; cultures have shown significant reduction in serum cholesterol and triglycerides; and finally, lactobacilli have the ability to produce the lactase enzyme needed in those lacking it to aid in digestion of milk products (lactose intolerance). Liquid acidophilus has become popular lately, but unfortunately, the liquid medium the bacilli grows in is quickly consumed and replaced with lactic acid which lowers the ph and in turn kills the bacilli in a few short weeks. NATUREMOST LABS uses a special blend of seven selected strains of freeze dried lactobacilli (predominately L. Acidophilus) because each individual strain exhibits one or more different beneficial characteristics. They are combined with sweet dairy whey, their natural food, plus apple pectin is added to aid the stomach and intestinal tract in neutralizing toxins.

Acidophilus is destroyed by light and heat and thus should be kept in a cool place to protect its potency. Our acidophilus is guaranteed to have a strong potency of at least 5 billion bacilli per level teaspoon when manufactured and comes in either tablet form or pure powder.